Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Joseph

Look at this face


Can't you just feel the joy that radiates from this sweet little guy? He has brought so much extra love and happiness to our family this year. Even the older kids all agree - Jojo is the sweetest babe ever. We're so happy he's part of our family.

He had a great first birthday - the kids blew up about 50 balloons and surrounded him in a baby balloon pit.. we let him destroy all the magazines.. and the crayon boxes.. good baby times. He loved this play table! (ok, we got it out of storage - by the 6th kid you end up recycling some toys! hey, it's new to him..)




He liked the candle more than the cake. We had a semi-dangerous moment here. Absent minded mommy + one year old baby + burning flame = not a good plan.


Nice one.

He made a respectable one year old mess


And he had some help with his presents


We love you, Joseph! Happy 1st Birthday!



And We Sailed On said...

Oh he is so cute. Do you know where you are going? We would love to see you guys! way to hang in there! we have had that kind of a spring here too.

Lynne said...

Oh my sweet JoJo. I miss all of you so much and wish I could have been there. Give everyone kisses from Grandma.

Jenny said...

You have a cute family~
(Your Spring into Summer friend)

Jaime said...

He's is so adorable Sarah - looks just like all your other kiddos! I can't believe Jason just completed his 5th degree! And you let him??! jk you are such a good wife and the thing I love about you is your go with the flow attitude. Congrats to all of you! Now stay put and keep having fun!