Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Long Update

It's been almost 6 weeks since I posted last - bad blogger!
It's been a busy 6 weeks, though - the blog had to take a backseat for a bit... :)
From May 28-June 2, we had 11 houseguests. At one time. We had a total of 6 adults and 11 kids in our house for several days - it was pretty crazy! Not to mention that 10 of those kids were under the age of 10.. Then they left and we all got sick for 2 weeks and were fairly bedridden.
After that funride we got a call from my mom, who is/was serving a mission in Osorno, Chile. She had a gallbladder attack and was told by the doctors down there (after an ultrasound) that she needed to have her gallbladder out ASAP and (this is the kicker) that she also probably had kidney cancer! So she was on a plane pretty quickly and arrived here (at our place) on June 12. Jenna, Holly, and Rob all were able to join in the homecoming reunion!
Since then she's had several doctor appointments and a surgery and is now recuperating. The alleged kidney cancer was actually a "normal aberration" and just an unusual but completely fine way that the kidney can form. (yay!) She hopes to go back to being a full-time missionary when she gets the medical all-clear, although they tell us she'll probably be reassigned somewhere a bit closer..

The kids are all doing okay, apart from Andrew getting sick 2 more times with high fevers and having 6 teeth coming in at the same time (poor little guy!) and Micaela and Rachel losing toenails from various injuries that I won't go into in the interest of everyone keeping down their dinners.. :) (Wow, run-on sentence anyone?)

In happier news, Micaela had her first violin performance last Sunday! She and I played a violin duet of Give Said the Little Stream in relief society, by request of one of the counselors giving a lesson on service. She was SO excited and not nervous at all. Afterward, she asked me if we could do it again soon. I guess we have a little performer on our hands!

Here are a few pictures from the past month or so:

8 of our 11 visitors: (My cousin Chris and his family)
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Homecoming reunion: (not the best picture, but that's ok)
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I know I've taken more pictures.. they must be around here somewhere..
More posts coming soon! (less than 6 weeks from now we hope!)