Thursday, February 28, 2008

Pure Childhood

How fun is that? I love it that my girls have sisters.


Caught in the act!

Time for a big boy bed!


Friday, February 1, 2008

5 Little Monkeys...

Jumping on the couch!
I finally got them to sit down.. and grabbed the camera!

He's growing up!

Last week, William turned 4 months old.
And 3 days later, he got his FIRST TOOTH!! Seriously! That's way too fast.
Oh, and he's a thumb sucker now.. what a cutie.

Trip to PA

Well, my mom finished her mission!

We're so proud of you, mom!

To celebrate with her, Micaela, William and I travelled to Gettysburg, PA to spend the last few days of the mission with her. We had a great time, and since we got back, Micaela has asked a few times if I would take her tracting. :)

William finally got to meet his Grandma!

This is Micaela and me at the Gettysburg civil war battlefields.. she loved the cannons!

We took a little drive through Amish Country after Mom was released.

Micaela got an Amish-made bonnet and wore it for the next 5 days straight!

Congrats on finishing a great mission, Mom!